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Why WebP Is The Rockstar of Image Formats for Web Designers

On a professional photographer’s portfolio website, larger, high-quality photographs work best. Save your photographs as “.JPG” when they are filled with gradients, colors, textures, and shadows. The JPG format makes sure there is no time lag, and if you have an online shop, the pages that are full of products load quickly. It maintains the same level of transparency and consistency.

  • Feel safe to use and start the conversion immediately.
  • This may lead to you wondering- Which of these is better than the others?
  • GIFs are especially popular on social media platforms, where both static and animated GIF are used to share memes.
  • It is better and non-patented as well.Now, we just found out that it is a raster graphics file format.
  • This lets you reuse the pixels in a single file several times.

PNG is an abbreviation for “Portable Network Graphics” format. It is the most commonly used uncompressed raster image format on the web. It helps in substituting the Graphics Interchange Format .

Let’s take a quick look at the traditional breakdown of image formats. This means you can make an even smaller WebP image by reducing image quality a little bit. Retains image quality (it’s lossless) or can be reduced . Although WebP has so many advantages, it is still hindered by its compatibility issues. Most offline image viewers like the typical Windows image viewer are not natively available for opening the WebP files. You can not preview or edit the WebP directly.

You may come across scenarios where both PNG and JPG formats will come in handy. For instance, it would be ideal to use two bitmap files if you shot a picture of nature and then added some text to it. Use JPG for the landscape and PNG for the featured text, which needs a background that can be seen through. Initially, WEBP wasn’t supported by every browser.

Convert hundreds of WebP images to jpg/png/ico

If you zoom in on it or try to increase itS resolution, it becomes pixelated. You’ll have your choice of file types, and you can pick PNG. If the WebP image has a transparent background and you want to keep it transparent, then make webp vs png sure you’ve checked “Alpha”. On Mac, you’ll use Preview to open your WebP file. Right click and select “open with”, then choose Preview. The easiest way to view a WebP file is online (that’s what they were made for after all).

You should be able to upload and use WebP images like any other supported image type if your server supports them. Regarding optimization, WebP might be one of the best-kept secrets. Large websites like eBay and YouTube already use this image format because it improves the performance of websites without being obvious. We often come upon the three file formats WebP, PNG, and JPG.

webp vs png

Due to the size factor, WebP images load quicker than PNG ones. The controversy of who wins the war of WebP vs JPEG and WebP vs PNG has been going on for a long time now. You may also wonder which is better for web, JPG or PNG, or WebP. Make an educated choice that will cater to your needs better. On reading this article, you will be able to judge for yourself which of these formats you need.

The State of WebP Browser Support

WebP only supports a maximum bit depth of 8 bits and does support wide color range/HDR images. In contrast, WebP does not support images without chroma subsampling. Using SVG in place of most other formats, will massively reduce the overall page load on your website, and therefore the user experience. It will reduce your server/file hosting bill as well. Use PNG over JPEG if you need to display the highest image quality possible at any level of size/zoom. If you have a big hero image with a dark overlay and text on top, you can probably get away with using a well-compressed JPEG over a PNG and save tons page loading speed.

If you’re running a modern browser, all you have to do is find the file on your computer and double-click. It will open in your default browser and you can see it right there. Ok, so with all of that, you’re probably interested in getting your hands on some WebP images. If you see one online and you want to save it, how do you make that happen? We can see that Zopfli compression saves the most before running these through apngopt.

AnyWebP, WebP to JPG/PNG/ICO Converter Online

So, if you had a PNG image that was smaller in file size than the WebP file , your PNG image would load instead of the WebP image. Or, more likely, your PNG image would load for Safari users and your WebP image would load for Chrome users. This means that Chrome and Opera users would load your website faster than Safari and Firefox users if you took advantage of WebP.

Therefore, its popularity didn’t surge immediately. But now, every modern browser supports WEBP alongside WordPress. Thus, usage of the WEBP format is expected to grow. So, JPG images aren’t the best option for illustrations. They are also not great for other textual or iconic graphics.

webp vs png

Make sure that your view is set to thumbnails, and you’ll be able to see previews of the images as you scroll. Meaning you have the actual video you wish to use as a short animation then use a short video. As I’ve shown in my other post, Converting MP4 To Webm, these video formats can be significantly smaller.

Compression AVIF vs WebP

The second version is the WebP Lossless which is like the PNG version of WebP. We get a file with a large size, but the data is intact. Not only can we create a logo file having a transparent background, but also create advanced transparency gradients.

webp vs png

Lossless compression is the opposite of lossy. Instead of approximating data positions, lossless compression uses exact matching to place data points in their specific places. This makes images that do not lose any quality post-compression but render much larger file sizes. PNG is a lossless format, meaning that no data is lost when the file is compressed. This makes it ideal for storing images that need to be high quality, such as logos or product photos. However, because PNG files are not as efficiently compressed as lossy formats like WebP, they may be larger in file size.

Like the previous test, we’ll use a baseline image in a “traditional” format to compare the WebP file with. All of the previously listed formats are capable of alpha transparency. In these tests, the alpha_q quality was set to the default of 100. So, usually lossy compression images are much smaller in size than lossless compression images, but they suffer a quality loss. Lossy compression also has the disadvantage of generation loss. Every time you compress the same image using lossy compression it becomes less and less recognizable.

What is WEBP

For example, if a visitor in Chrome hits your site, then the WebP image will be shown. If a visitor in Firefox hits your site, then the PNG or JPG image will be shown. The other is called WebP lossless and is more comparable to a PNG. You won’t lose detail, but the file size will increase. Due to reduced quality, the sizes are decreased too. WebP has been around a while now, actually, and it first made headlines in a 2010 Google press conference.

How to Open WebP Images in Windows 11 – MUO – MakeUseOf

How to Open WebP Images in Windows 11.

Posted: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

So, based on this, as an image format, WebP is a better all-around kit than JPEG. While lossless compression makes images look much better, dealing with large file sizes can bog down your server or make websites load slower than usual. It is lossless, so the original image is saved as is, it has a wide color space and it has an alpha channel for supporting the different opacity levels of pixels in images. However, when you save photos using PNG, the generated files are huge, compared to lossy formats such as JPEG. Using Google’s WebP image format can be a great way to speed up your website by decreasing the size of your number one asset, your images.

Automatically Generate Collages At Scale with Cloudinary

WebP is a modern image format initially released in 2007 by Google. WebP gives you superior lossless and lossy image compression, compared to any of the other popular formats. If you need your image to be incredibly detailed, you can use a lossless version. If you want to save more space, you can use a lossy version. On top of all that, WebP images load faster than any other image file on websites.


If you open YouTube in Google Chrome, all of those thumbnails are going to be WebP thumbnails. If you were to open the Facebook app on your android phone, all of the images that you see would be WebP. It’s definitely being utilized by various companies around the world to increase performance.

All that being said I’ve heard and read people say “APNG might be bigger but webp takes longer to decode in the browser”. That assumes the larger APNG will load faster than the smaller webp. I assume the smaller webp gets downloaded to the client faster then it’ll start decoding faster. So lets actually test that instead of me spouting off haha. Powered by advanced conversion technology, AnyWebP could handle the WebP to JPG/PNG/ICO conversion process without uploading any of your images.

JPEG is the most popular format for uploading and downloading images efficiently. However, JPEG is a lossy format, which means that there is a trade off between the file size and the loss of visual quality. The WebP format was designed to provide better quality images with a file size comparable to JPEG. While WebP certainly achieves this, the newer and more advanced AVIF format still has an edge in compression at the same quality.

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